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Bringing the Human Rights Economy to the 56th Human Rights Council

Bringing the Human Rights Economy to the 56th Human Rights Council

Increasing awareness amongst Member States about the relevance of the Human Rights Economy as an evidence-based concept is essential to addressing the crises of our time. With this aim, we collaborated with the Permanent Mission of Honduras and OHCHR to organise a side event at the 56th Session of the Human Rights Council on "Human Rights Economy: Policy Implications."

As the Vision Statement launched by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights earlier this year states, "We must transform our economies with equality and sustainability at the core." The statement also highlights economic policies that require more interaction with human rights, such as fiscal policies and regulation of the corporate sector—areas of work that are at the core of GI-ESCR programmatic priorities.

The side event convened several State representatives who interacted in question-and-answer time with the high-level panel composed of the Permanent Representative of Honduras to the UN, the Minister of Finance of Honduras, the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Permanent Representative of Spain to the UN, and GI-ESCR's Executive Director, Magdalena Sepúlveda.

In its video intervention, the Minister of Finance of Honduras, Mr. Marlon Ochoa, noted that the Law for Fiscal Justice (“Ley de Justicia Tributaria”) submitted by President Xiomara Castro was an example of how Honduras is complying with its obligations under the Human Rights Economy. His intervention was evidence of how the narratives around progressive taxation have been changing in favour of a better understanding of the links between progressive taxation, the fight against poverty, and human rights.

From her side, the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights provided additional examples of how OHCHR has implemented the Human Rights Economy through its work. Her statement can be accessed here.


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