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Perception of Public Services: Nigeria - Lexia

Perception of Public Services: Nigeria - Lexia

This report, commissioned by the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR) and conducted by LEXIA, examines how Nigerians perceive public services, focusing on education and healthcare. Conducted through online group sessions in January 2024, the study explores the associations and beliefs people have about public services, the role of the private sector, and the relationship between these services and human rights. The findings highlight significant disparities and barriers in accessing quality public services, exacerbated by socioeconomic status and regional differences. The study reveals a strong preference for private services due to perceived higher quality and better treatment, despite higher costs. It also underscores the need for improved public service infrastructure, better compensation for service providers, and increased oversight to enhance accountability and service delivery.

The views expressed in this report are solely that of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GI-ESCR.


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