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Our work

We see our work as a cycle, an upward spiral of iterative and cumulative change in which local and global actions influence and benefit each other.

Areas of work

GI-ESCR works to establish economic, social and cultural rights as an essential point of reference for reforming the institutions that govern our societies. 

Public Services & regulation of Private actors
We work to create public services that deliver ESC rights for everyone; and to make public and private institutions properly accountable to all the people they serve, including those who at present enjoy least power.

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On the ground

Explore our work with partners, globally and locally, to tackle social and economic injustice through a human rights lens.

Stories of impact

We have provided vital technical support and achieved ground-breaking outcomes that are respected within and beyond the human rights community. See examples of our work.

Changing narratives

We constantly look for innovative ways to effectively further social and economic justice, gender equality and human dignity. Changing the narrative is at the core of this mission. We seek to reach out to people, by engaging with their diversity, values and experiences and, as far as possible, in their own languages.


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