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The Documentary 'Tax Wars' Has Been Launched Globally

The Documentary 'Tax Wars' Has Been Launched Globally

The documentary showing the work of the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRICT) has been launched worldwide. It is now available on the Arte website, (French/German, with subtitles), and private screenings have been organised in several countries, including France, Colombia, Mexico, Germany and Australia.

ICRICT brings together top economists like Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and Thomas Piketty, author of the global bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It also includes social justice advocates such as our Executive Director, Magdalena Sepulveda and former politicians such as Eva Joly in France, Wayne Swan and José Antonio Ocampo, former ministers of finance in Australia and Colombia, respectively.

The documentary depicts the Commission's work in general and features Magdalena's work at GI-ESCR. For example, it features her visiting an overcrowded public hospital in Santiago, Chile, where the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted medical staff and patients. The film also features our work with impoverished communities in an informal settlement in Valparaiso, where residents lack access to basic social services such as water, sanitation and electricity.



Magdalena's work at GI-ESCR aligns with the ICRICT mandate to ensure that multinational corporations pay their fair share of taxes. To that end, together with her fellow commissioners at ICRICT, she proposes creating a global tax on multinationals' profits. Initially dismissed as dreamers, these activists keep on fighting–drafting reports, pressuring ministers and holding conferences as they emphasise the urgency of reforming the global tax system.

As portrayed in the documentary, they succeed in making their proposals, long dismissed as utopian, the backbone of a historic agreement adopted in October 2021 by 136 countries, an agreement that sets a global minimum tax on the profits of multinationals. This measure is expected to generate $220 billion in tax revenue for governments and potentially put an end to tax havens. For ICRICT, this agreement is not enough, but it is the first significant change in a hundred years, and the status quo of tax evasion has been disrupted.

Combining filming on four continents and futuristic animations inspired by the Star Wars universe, Tax Wars tells the story of how these activists' ideas have gradually succeeded and turned public opinion against the most powerful actors in the global economy to end the robbery of the century.


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