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Healthcare Systems and the Commercialisation of Healthcare. A Glossary.

Healthcare Systems and the Commercialisation of Healthcare. A Glossary.

Understanding how national healthcare systems work is fundamental for those advocating for the realisation of the universal right to health for all. At the same time, it is essential to understand the role played by public and private actors in health systems and how this interacts with the growing concern over the commercialisation of healthcare.

The glossary defines key concepts such as healthcare financing, provision, and governance; healthcare actors; and typologies of healthcare systems. Particular attention is given to the relative role of the State, the market, or societal/non-governmental actors in contemporary healthcare systems. Finally, the glossary explains what commercialisation, privatisation, financialisation, and marketisation of healthcare mean.

This glossary is intended as an easy-access guide for policymakers, researchers and activists willing to familiarise themselves with how national healthcare systems work and with the human rights problems associated with the commercialisation of healthcare.


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