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Submission to the UN Expert Mechanism on Development for Study on Women’s Participation

Submission to the UN Expert Mechanism on Development for Study on Women’s Participation

We contributed with input to the study on “Women’s active, free and meaningful participation in development, with emphasis on decision-making” by the Expert Mechanism on Development.

The input provided underscores that to fully address women’s participation in development, the Expert Mechanism must consider their involvement in the energy transition. The presentation highlighted that, given the relevance of the energy transition to the fulfillment of the right to development, it is vital that women have a say, are heard, and take part in decisions related to the transition to be able to drive the processes for their development.

The submission addresses the fundamental importance of the energy transition for development. In that sense, it underscores that climate change has become a significant threat to the right to development and, thus, to fulfill this right, States must take urgent measures to address the climate crisis. In particular, States should transition away from fossil fuels and ensure sustainable and equitable access to energy resources. Besides, the submission emphasised that such global transformation must advance just and equitable outcomes. Participatory frameworks that include and empower women must be established in all energy transition processes.

The presentation also underlines the historical barriers that women faced and continue to face that restrict their possibilities to participate in public affairs and decision-making meaningfully. Specifically, it highlights how prevalent those barriers are in the energy sector. In that sense, the presentation stresses the need to take measures to ascertain the participation of women in all their diversity as users, producers, and leaders of the transition to renewable energy and set the path toward the fulfillment of the right to development.

Lastly, the presentation urges the Mechanism to establish a framework to ascertain women’s participation in the energy transition to fulfill their right to development. The presentation recommended a series of measures to be implemented by States and stakeholders, setting standards to operationalise effective, meaningful, and empowering participation for women.

With this contribution, we continue to advocate for efforts toward U.N. mandates that push for a fair and sustainable transition that addresses gender disparities.

You can read the presentation here:

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