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2022 CESCR Yearbook

2022 CESCR Yearbook

2022 CESCR Yearbook: the work of the Committee on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights


CESCR 2022 Yearbook coverThe 2022 Yearbook of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) captures the full range of the Committee’s activities in a given year.
The Yearbook serves to make the Committee’s work more visible and accessible and has quickly evolved into a valuable tool for civil society, human rights practitioners, academics, States and all those with an interest in the potential of human rights to tackle problems of poverty, social injustice and inequality.

The sixth edition of the Yearbook of the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights provides a current and comprehensive account of the Committee’s work throughout 2022. 

This year the Committee addressed a number of challenges for the enjoyment of rights, including land access, austerity measures that hinder economic, social, and cultural rights, business activities, and gender inequality, among other matters.

The Yearbook reviews how the Committee analysed these substantive issues using its different procedures: Concluding Observations after State reviews, General Comments, and decisions with respect to individual communications.



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